Four Arms of Power

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Ok, you caught us: we lied to you all. The USB Squid is not a real squid, as squids have 8 legs and 2 tentacles. Heck, it's not even an octopus - they have 8 arms. The USB Squid has four arms, so it's sort of more a quadropus. But it more than makes up for its name with the special function of its arms. Just plug the USB Squid into your last USB port, and now you have four USB ports.

The biggest difference between the USB Squid and other USB Hubs is the USB Squid's arms can bend in any direction (so all your USB cords don't have to be coming from the same place!) Also, they have ridges on one side and the top - and indents on the bottom and other side. You can actually connect the USB ports using these ridges in many different configurations. Maybe you need 4 vertical ports or 4 horizontal or the end two free and the middle stacked or maybe a zig zag hub. The choice is yours. Let's see a real squid do that!

The USB Squid is 11" long (from plug to hub) and is USB2.0 (of course).

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